Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How can a company as old as Heart Fence and Deck sell the high quality of Fence and Deck products for substantially less than many other established companies that advertise heavily?

Answer:  First, we are a small company and determined to stay way.   Because of this we have almost NO debt and our overhead is extremely low.  We pay no rent or lease payments, and our advertising costs are very low.  Over 90% of our business comes from past customer referrals, repeat customers, and from buyers that have seen our fences and decks.

Question:  Do contractor registration numbers (ex: CCB #64052) have any important significance?

Answer:  Yes, they can.  The smaller the number, the older and more established the company usually is.  Longevity is important in any construction business.  There is now, and will always be, a large quantity of new fence companies starting up.  Most will not last long.  Pick up an older phone book to see how many are not in business with a disconnected phone number.  Not a good thing if you need warranty work done.

Question:  Why don't you use pressure treated posts for your fences?

Answer:  Pressure treated posts just don't work in dry Central Oregon.  They have a tendency to warp and bend in our dry climate.  That means the joints will start to come apart and the structural integrity of the fence will be greatly comprised.  As far as we know, none of the well established fence companies in Central Oregon will use them.  That should tell you something. Even the companies that move here from other areas will change eventually.  In fact, they have.

Question:  Are there other fence companies that you could recommend when you get too busy?

Answer:  Yes, we do have a couple.  You would have to call us to find out that information.  Most of the time it's just one.  Remember, we have been doing this for over 35 years so we get a little picky with referrals.

Question:  Your borchure says "don't pay a cent until the job is finished.  Does that mean you don't ask for a deposit?  And why?

Answer:  Yes, that's true.  We only ask for a deposit if it's a very custom order and would have no use for the item if the customer changed their mind (very rare).  Also, if the customer has given the contractor a deposit and the constractor does not show up when scheduled, the customer has no leverage to deal with the problem.  Not a good thing for the customer.  Think about that!


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