Welcome to Heart Fence, LLC

Heart Fence sells high quality Fence products for substantially less than many other established companies.  We can do this for a couple of reasons.  First, we are a small company and determined to stay that way.  Because of this we have almost NO debt and our overhead is extremely low.  We pay no rent or lease payments, and our advertising costs are very low.  Over 90% of our business comes from past customer referrals, repeat customers, and from buyers that have seen our fences.

Heart Fence is a Oregon based company serving the Central Oregon area.  We specialize in the installation of quality wood, chain link and ornamental steel fences for residential customers.  Most jobs are completed in 3-5 days and we are fully insured for your protection.

A fence can increase the value of your property - It's a known fact.  An attractive fence adds value to your property.  It can be the finishing touch that makes your property more desirable and valued not only to yourself, but also to a prospective buyer...and to the entire neighborhood.

Even if you just purchased your home and have no desire to sell in the near future, you could still invest in a beautiful fence so if the day does arrive and you put your home on the market, your fence will add to the value of your home.

What type of fence would you prefer?  Choose from any style in our portfolio.  We also create beautiful, high quality arbors and pergolas.

Yes, we build in the winter!


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