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Welcome to HEART ♡ FENCE  |  Fence Contractor in Bend, OR 

HEART FENCE is a fence contractor located in Bend, OR.  We sell high-quality fence products to residential customers in central Oregon and use only quality products so our fences are built to last. As a result, over 90% of our business comes from past customer referrals, repeat customers, and buyers that have seen our fences.

We specialize in the installation of CLEAR CEDAR, chain link, and ornamental steel fences.  Most jobs are completed in 3-5 days and we are fully insured for your protection.

A fence can increase the value of your property. The results of any exterior home project will be on display to every walker, biker, driver or passerby, not to mention one of the first things buyers see (and judge). So if you want your fence to add value to your home, HEART FENCE – your local fencing expert.

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About Cedar

Cedar offers a natural resistance to many outdoor elements. Unlike other wood varieties that may undergo chemical treatments to stand up to weather, cedar doesn’t need any protective coatings. The natural oils in the wood protect it from things like rotting and insect damage, which keeps it strong and durable. Cedar holds its shape without the degree of shrinking and warping you get with other wood, even in moist conditions and harsh weather. Learn more…

What style of fence would you prefer?  Choose from any Fence Style in our portfolio.  We also create beautiful, high-quality arbors and gates. Contact us today!

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